The image freezes when playing games: What can be done?

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You are playing your favorite game and your computer shuts down, restarts or freezes ... quite annoying.

This generally comes from overheating of the processor or the graphics card, or a video card not powerful enough to run the games, obsolete hardware or drivers..


  • You can check if your computer is not overheating by using the following softwares
  • In all cases clean the fans of your PC.
  • If the cleaning of the fans is not enough and the CPU overheats, consider changing the thermal paste between the CPU and fan.
  • It is possible to add other fans to better ventilate the computer, make use of a better cooling system or even leave the PC case open!
  • If your graphics card/CPU are overheating, you need:
    • Reduce the load on the graphics card: lower resolution and details, disable anti-aliasing ..
    • Force frequencies of the GPU and graphics memory via the utility software of your graphics card(increase the rotation speed of the fan). More information here.

Graphics card/processor don't meet minimum requirements

Generally this is the graphics card that is the main cause.
  • Read this FAQ Check compatibility of a game online.
  • If your graphics card/processor are outdated:
    • Reduce the load on the graphics card .
    • Force frequencies of the GPU and graphics memory via the utility software of your graphics card.
    • Replace these components.

System/driver not updated

  • Update your operating system.
  • Update the driver for your video card to see if there are any improvements.

Power Supply

When using a custom built PC , it may happents that your power supply is able to power your hardware when used to their maximum limit! You should consider getting a better one.

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