iPad: How is the tablet being used mostly ?

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According to a report published by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (ICRP), the use of the iPad in business continue to grow. A trend mostly due to the iPad 3, according to research firm, which has attracted more business users than previous models of Apple's touch pad.
  • The study conducted by CIRP over a sample of 1000 consumers between December 2011 and April 2012 confirms the strong anchoring of the iPad as entertainment terminal: up to 40% of users, use the tablet to surf the Internet, watch videos, photos, music or even play games.
  • Not surprisingly, the business use comes in fourth position and represents about 13% of users of the iPad.
  • This rate rises to 16% among the owners of the iPad 3, given that in this context, the use of the Internet and email is more important than for earlier versions of the iPad.
  • Two factors explain this trend towards a professional of the use of the iPad, according to research firm: the use of terminals with optimum storage capacity (64GB) and secondly, the availability of several default feature: such as the Aairport WiFi router, External hard drive or Time Capsule.

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Jean-François Pillou

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