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How to locate a lost or stolen laptop?


Your computer has been stolen, or you want to protect your computer from possible theft? This tip is for you:
  • Some software allow you to locate your computer, to see who is using it, provided that the laptop is equipped with an integrated camera.
  • Note that, some software are still active, even if the computer has been formatted, this is the case if they are integrated into the BIOS, or the processor.
  • Some computers come with processors containing the Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, a software that allows you to disable the computer remotely, after payment of a subscription.


This free (three computers) and open source software is compatible with : Mac, Linux, Windows, Android.


Free software for 90 days. Compatible with Mac an Windows OS.
  • When it is directly integrated into the BIOS of the computer, the Computrace agent can "survive" to the reinstallation of the operating system, formatting or replacement of hard disk.
  • Download link


Available as a 30 day free trial.

Locate PC

Available as a 30 day free trial.

This shareware software runs on Mac and iPhone.


Open Source and free software available on Linux.
This software sends network information (IP address, list of nearby WiFi access points, screen capture, photos from webcam ... all encrypted with GnuPG).
Description and download.

Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection

Some computers are equipped with this technology as mentioned at the beginning of the trick, making it possible to disable the PC remotely.

Remote connection software

Some software allows you to remotely take control of one or more computer(s), and therefore may also be used to see what is being done with your computer in case of theft, retrieve the IP address being used ......etc


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