Microsoft launches an application store for Office 2013

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Microsoft Office has launched an online store dedicated to the customization of the softwares from the new office suite, Office 2013, which will be launched in a couple of month. Open to developers, the Office Store also provides SharePoint with new dedicated extensions.

Office Store is an extension online store that allows users to expand the use of different applications of the Office 2013 suite, which will be launched simultaneously with the Windows 8 in October. The concerned software : Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, Sharepoint and Exchange.
  • Dozens of extensions are already available and can be tested on the pre-release version of Office 2013: LinkedIn and Twitter for Outlook, or Bing Maps for Excel (integration of Virtual Earth mapping service in Excel spreadsheets).
  • In a video presentation, Microsoft invites developers to enrich Office Store with new applications for the "hundreds of millions of users (!) Ahead of the new version of Office." Several development tools/ support can be used for their apps: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, or the Oauth Protocol.

The Office Store from Microsoft.

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