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Five efficient storage and data backup solutions

After a busy year of online (downloads) and multimedia activities (photos, videos, etc..), you are certainly lacking of free space on your computer.

Here are five very simple methods to store and backup your data:

The USB key

The easiest way to backup and exchange data is the conventional USB stick. With it, it is possible, according to its maximum storage capacity to store the equivalent of several movies, dozens of music albums and thousands of photos. Their (transfer) speed is continuously being improved, especially regarding the new USB 3.0 compatible keys.

  • Advantage: simple to use and carry.
  • Disadvantage: limited capacity, sometimes fragile, can be lost.

The external hard drive

External hard drives offer a cheap backup solution solution. It then becomes possible, depending on the model to copy up to 1TB of data.

  • Advantage: high storage capacity, speed of execution.
  • Disadvantage: sometimes bulky to transport, requires the use of a cable.

Backup software

There are several software solutions for backing up and synchronizing multiple hard drives (one of the best known is Time Machine for Mac OS). It is also possible to program an incremental copy, including the back up of new files only or what has changed since the last backup.

  • Advantage: file synchronization systems to create a bootable hard drive, scheduled backup.
  • Disadvantage: regular updates recommended.

Burning to Blu-ray

You can always back up 100GB of data on a Blu-ray. Burning software allows you to configure a personalized copy of the data. This solution is also available on DVD (up to 8.5GB maximum).

  • Advantage: storage capacity, small footprint.
  • Disadvantage: Expensive, fixed data storage capacity.

Cloud -data storage

Thanks to the advent of Cloud computing, files are then stored and replicated on powerful servers. Google, Microsoft, Dropbox...etc offer severap solutions to store your data online (usually up to 25GB -free ).

  • Advantage: provides access to your data from any connected terminal.
  • Disadvantage: slow, often limited capacity, not all security issues have beed accounted for.


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