M-Commerce: 24% of the E-commerce revenue in 2017

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Still insignificant nowadays, mobile commerce revenues should get a significant boost by 2017. Actually it will represent one quarter of total revenues of e-commerce activities, according to a report by the ABI Research Institute.

Although it represents an even modest incomem m-commerce is currently growing at a rate much faster than traditional e-commerce methods, says ABI Research, for which mobile commerce has reached a "tipping point in 2011. "A phenomenon that results from the optimization and integration of mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, and various services, operating in the same ecosystem".

The rapid adoption rate of smartphones "in both mature markets and emerging markets", and the integration of sales strategies by retailers and stores to compete with Internet sales, justifies the amazing forecast made ABI Research: namely that the M-commerce is expected to represent 25% of e-commerce revenues within 5 years.

Summary of the study by ABI Research

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