Gamesplanet Lab: a new crowd-funding website for game developers

The independent video games/digital distribution platform and the crowdfunding platform Ulule announced the launch of Gamesplanet Lab: a financing platform that will allow selected video games developers, to find tools necessary for the realization and distribution of their games.

Gamesplanet Lab will also provide the game developers with a range of marketing to logistics tools to distribute their games .

The funding model of the projects is inherited from the crowdfunding principles already in used on Ulule: "Gamesplanet Lab allows gamers to pre-buy the games they want to support and in exchange unique and special offers".

Other promised benefits announced:

  • The participatory funding model will also ensure the remuneration of authors and the fact that will retain 100% rights over their creations.
  • To be eligible, projects must be under development with support from independent publishers and studios.

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