What will be the new trends in cybercrime by 2020?

According to a study on the evolution of cybercrime published by a group of experts, denial of service is the main threat that may affect corporate information systems in the coming years.

This prospective study recently published results from the collective work made by twenty-two experts from public and private sectors, and was initiated after the 2010 International Forum on Cybercrime (FIC 2010).

The study focuses on threats to public and private organisms, over the period 2011-2020.

Among the most serious threats cited by businesses and governments:
  • Unavailability: denial of service, sabotage, blockade, paralysis.
  • The data breaches: strategic, personal, confidential, sensitive data.
  • Attacks on identity: Disinformation, defamation,..etc

The study also indicates that attacks on identity should be increasing in severity and may cause significant or permanent damage to the reputation of the company or individual.

Access the full study here.

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