Easel.ly: easily creates you computer graphics online

April 2018

The creation of computer graphics are made easy through various online services. Easel.ly, is a tool with simplified features for generating computer graphics (Data visualization) for free in a few clicks and share them.
  • Currently available in a beta version, Easel.ly offers an intuitive interface allow anyone (without any particular knowledge) to create effective graphics. It relies on a palette of easy to use tools, a combination of drag and drop features, text editing, and rapid insertion of icons to embellish the computer graphics. All these tools are available via a web browser.
  • 4 predefined and fully customizable themes are available. From there you can choose your background colors, add several types of visual objects (people, maps, animals, etc..), shapes (arrows, circles), and several stylistic effects (opacity).

Once the graphic is created, it can be easily shared from the management interface of the tool.
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