Dual Boot Windows XP/Vista

Most users like the classic features of Windows XP operating system and the latest applications, look and feel of Windows Vista. If you intend to have both on your computer, you can do that by dual booting Windows XP or Vista. The multiboot menu will enable Windows Vista automatically if you are installing Windows XP initially. Install Windows XP on the C: drive and then install Windows Vista on the D: drive. Installing Windows Vista on your computer on top of Windows XP requires you to format the hard drive first; then you will need to install Windows XP, followed by Windows Vista. If you don't have the Vista installation DVD, install XP on Vista, later re-enable the startup of Vista using Vista Boot Pro software. If you do have the DVD, just do a startup repair of Vista operating system.

Most new computers come with Windows Vista installed. Some users still prefer using XP instead due to vast reasons like software incompatibility between the two versions of Windows.

XP and Vista can be installed on one PC, by setting a multiboot menu:
when installing Windows XP, then Vista the dual boot is done automatically. But if you have Vista installed first then you wish to install Windows XP there's another step to follow.
Normally Windows Vista is installed on the first partition (C: ) and Windows XP can be installed on the extended partition (D:).

This can be done so easily. All you should do is install Windows XP on the C: partition then Vista on the D: then the multiboot menu is set up automatically when installing Vista.
You have vista installed on your PC; these are the options:

  • Format the hard drive and install XP then Vista
  • In case you do not have the installation DVD of Vista, install XP over Vista, then re-enable the startup of Vista with the Vista Boot Pro software
  • In case you have the installation DVD of Vista (not the System Restore that comes with certain brands of PCs), do a startup repair of Vista with this DVD.

We must take care to specify a different partition or a different directory for Windows XP (WinXP for example). At the end of the installation of Windows XP, the system ignores the system Windows Vista.
You will have to use Vista Boot Pro, a software which allows you to edit the boot startup settings.

Download here: http://ccm.net/download/download 126 vista boot pro

At the end of the installation of Vista Boot Pro, take the time to make a backup of the existing facility, to return to in case of problems:

Vista Boot Pro displays information on the systems stored in the BCD (Vista only):

Click on Manage OS entries and add a Windows Legacy

Possibly modify the order of the systems installed in order to put your system of choice first

Finally click Bootloader BCD and replace Windows Vista with your new configuration by selecting "Windows Vista Bootloader" and "System Partition" to install the bootloader on the system partition. Then click Install Bootloader

Restart the computer. It should now be offered the choice between the two systems!
In this case, a repair of your startup should be sufficient to enable the choice between the two systems.

To do this, follow this trick Repair boot Vista

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