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How to make a good use of a PowerPoint presentation?

Some Powerpoints presentations can be very disappointing: Teachers doing a course, the presentation a product...etc
Regardless of creative techniques, transition and animation used to create a presentation, there are also some common sense rules that must be respected.

First scenario- presentation of a product

Permanently loop a slideshow, to expose the benefits of a products
You can add an audio background, the images change automatically, texts appear to indicate the model, the user manual, features, pricing and purchasing terms.
You must timed the display of each slide, so that the visitor has time to see it all them befoe he gets tired.

Second scenario- used during a speech, discussion..etc

  • A slide show without any audio background, as it will be used to support and illustrate what is being discussed..
  • The transition effects should not distract the audience, each must reflect what is being explained.
  • The images (drawings, diagrams, photos, graphics) should be simple.
  • Choose a large and legible font.
  • Slides may follow after a predetermined timing (but this forces the speaker to follow a steady pace). It is often desirable to have control over the change of slide *with a single click, giving autonomy to the speaker to adjust the flow of his speech and authorizes him to accept being interrupted for questions and answers.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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