Pre_Scan_PE - A Live CD for Windows 7

Pre_Scan_PE is the live CD version of Pre_Scan, running under the Windows 7 environment. Pre_Scan removes rogue/scareware/ransomwares. In the case where the rogueprevents any action on Windows (normal boot/Safe Mode corrupt), you can boot on the live CD and disinfect your PC.
The use of Pre_Scan is far more versatile:

  • It re-allocates hidden files, repair safe mode, removes harmful IFEO (Image File Execution Options), allows control of partitions and their deletion via a script, etc..

To use the Live CD:

  • Download : Pre_Scan_PE environment under Win 7 Live
  • Double-click the file, wait a few seconds and then a burning software will open.
  • Insert a blank CD into your burner and click on "BURN ISO".
  • Then change the primary boot device of your computer, selecting your DVD/CD.
  • Now insert your Live CD and start your computer:
  • Once the Desktop is loaded, open the Start menu, choose All Programs, then Pre_Scan.
  • In the window that opens, select the installation folder corresponding to the infected Windows ((C:\Windows or D:\Windows): click on the Windows folder and then click ok.
  • To the question "Do you wish to load remote user profile (s) for scanning?", Choose yes.
  • Check the box "Automatically Load All Remaining Users?" then click OK.
  • Pre_Scan automatically detect the operating system and the scan process will begin. If necessary, press Kill - Start the scan
  • Once the scan is completed, Pre_Scan generates a report : <selected _drive>\Pre_Scan\Pre_Scan_Live\Pre_scan_Live_date_and_ time.txt.
  • Post the content of this report on the appropriate forums.

Do not restart the PC immediately, it may be required that you delete some files manually or a request for file recovery.

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