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Protect your Counter-Strike Source Server- The Anti-Cheats

A brief summary and information about Anti-Cheat solution for Counter-Strike: Source servers:
  • In this FAQ,you will be introduced to the anti-cheats available for Counter-Strike: Source servers.

Valve Anti Cheat (VAC)

This anti-cheat solution is automatically provided with your game servers, you can also disable it.
Really very little is known about this anti-cheating solution and there's a lot of speculation about its efficiency as well.
It is believed that it scans your running processes when you are connected to the game servers where VAC is enabled. Based on a small experiment with Comodo Defense +, it seems that the VAC integrated with Steam, because Steam was trying to access the memory of all running processes at regular intervals. But again, this doesn't prove anything. Basically, many people think that VAC is a huge online database of signatures comprising cheat programs.
  • By cons, we know that the bans are automatic and delayed (one month delay) and it is currently at version 3 (able to detect the cheat programs hidden as Windows services).
  • The fact that these bans are delayed pushed the anti-cheat developers to enter the field in order to more effectively protect game servers
  • This third site, responsible for periodically scanning each page of the Steam community, includes all banned account: http://www.vacbanned.com/.

The Anti-Cheat Staff

The Demoviewers are people responsible for viewing game records as evidence, and whether a particular player is cheating or not, to provide a banned and secure list for your servers. This is the safest method of detection, if your staff knows how to do it.

Anti-Cheat Staff - LeetGamerZ

Formerly named as clanCalendar Secure Source, the Anti-Cheat Staff from LeetGamerZ currently holds the best public banlist for CS: S.
  • They provides public banlist for Counter-Strike: Source, 1.6 and Condition Zero, which will help protect your server against more than 6,000 cheaters.
  • http://www.leetgamerz.net/fr/

Anti-Cheat Staff - NoCheatZ

Less popular but equally effective, NoCheatZ protect you from 9500 cheaters.

The Standalone Anti-Cheat (Valve Server Plugin)

Here's a list of the easiest to install and most efficient anti-cheats plugins for your Counter-Strike servers:


DBlocker is a server-side anti-cheat plug-in that is quite effective and comprehensive.
It does not detect aimbots very well but is able to block the wallhacks and other cheating opportunities.

NoCheatZ 3 (NCZ)

NoCheatZ is an anti-cheat that can detect aimbots (automatic Viewfinders), the ConVar Bypass (illegal console values), the SpeedHacks, the ping cachers, TriggerBots and flooding by console commands .
  • It make use of the NoCheatZ Master Banlist (with more than 4100 cheaters) and clanCalendar's Secure Source Banlist (over 5,000 cheaters).
  • The main advantages are that it is fully effective and functional, fast and discreet, although it does not require any software installation on the client machine.
  • The final version should include a Wallhack blocker, an anti-piracy system and a more comprehensive system with automatic updating.
  • http://www.nocheatz.com/

Easy Anti Cheat (EAC)

An advanced anti cheat, whose development began in 2006, which must be installed on the client and server.

ESL Wire

Electronic Sports League official anti-cheat, that works on the same basis as VAC and require software installation on the client side.

UCP Anti-Cheat 7

A new anti-cheat solution can run on non-steam servers (Banishment based on the the MAC address of your machine).

SteamBans (SB)

A very simple plugin that uses a banlist of over 40,000 players.

Royal Anti-Cheat (RAC)

RAC is an anti-cheat for Counter-Strike 1.6.

Universal Anti-Cheat (UAC)

This is an anti-cheat which scan the active processes and determines if a cheat program is in use.

The Anti-Cheats requiring EventScripts

These anti-cheat are simply developed and require that EventScripts is installed on the server.

Detocs Anti-Cheat

It is one of the first anti-cheat program..it is almost obsolete nowadays as it can only detect the ConVar Bypasses.

The Anti-Cheats under AMX Mod X/Metamod:Source/SourceMod


SourceMod Anti-Cheat (SMAC)

An interesting and comprehensive project developed by the alliedmodders.net community.
Contains two simple anti-aimbot, Wallhack blocker, RadarHack blocker, ConVar Bypass detector, Bunnyhop and AutoPistol script detector, anti-spam protection and a simple rcon access.

Kigen's Anti-Cheat (KAC)

This has an anti-cheat possesses an extremely effective wallhack blocker feature.


To conclude, if you really want to avoid any form of cheating on your server, I recommend you to install instant DBlocker and NoCheatZ 3 Beta because they are complementary (Anti-Aimbot + Anti-Wallhack) then activate the VAC and put sv_pure 2.

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