Update a Word document based on data in an Excel file

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I have an Excel Spreadsheet with various data fields. Whenever I filled them, a graph is updated on Excel. Is there any solution to get the same graph in a Word document (without any manual entry).


  • Under Excel, make sure that target range is named. In this way, when the size of the range evolves, new rows or columns are taken into account. Save the Excel file.
  • Select the range.
  • Edit> Copy
  • In the Word document, position the insertion point at the desired location.
  • Edit> Paste Special. Choose a formating options.

You will get a field like this:
{ LINK Excel.Sheet.8 "C:\\Temp\\nameoffile.xls" "Sheet1!myrange" \a \t }

You can also create the field directly without copy-paste, press Ctrl + F9 and then copy the formula with the appropriate corrections.

With this link, each time the Excel source is changed, the Word document will automatically be updated.

Thanks to pcturbo for this tip.

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