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HTC mobile - ActiveSync not working


I can no longer sync my HTC TynII smartphone, hence unable to download my email, applications or synchronize contacts ...

Here are the instructions that I get when I try to connect the device with the PC:

Microsoft ActiveSync

  • Synchronization failed.
  • Reconnect and try again.
  • If the problem persists, see "Troubleshooting Microsoft in Microsoft ActiveSync Help on the desktop computer.
Troubleshooter for ActiveSync
  • Progression ...
  • Results: A known problem detected
  • Unable to obtain an IP address for the device.
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What happens is that the phone is not being recognized by Activesync, follow this manipulation under Windows Vista and XP (for Vista - Windows Mobile Device Center):

Connect your HTC mobile to your PC. Wait until the sync to start and if there is any error, go to start> setting> connection> USB to PC and uncheck the "Advanced

features" and it should work.

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