CCM - Adding a signature to your replies/posts

The signature is a short phrase that is automatically added to the end of your messages/posts on the CCM forums.
  • Note: The signature is only displayed in your replies, not in the comments.
  • Sign-in with your CCM credentials (username and password) and to the Profile page > Edit profile
  • Enter your signature in the appropriate field and click on the Submit button to validate

Your signature will now appear automatically in each of your messages.

Note: In order for your signature to be properly taken into account, it must always be placed under the two dashes:

  • The signature is limited to two lines, each line being composed of 100 characters.
  • It is also requested not to include URLs (link).
  • The signature must be in line with the Charter of the site:
  • No insults or bad words.
  • No advertising / promotions.
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