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April 2018

Internet offers businesses a variety of media channels and methods of communication to develop their e-reputation. Organizing a online contest is part of the process. How to organize a contest in line with the all the legal aspects and on what occasions should you organize a contest ? This tip aims to provide these informations.
Before creating an online contest on the Internet, the company must first define the objective of the contest. Depending on the purpose, conditions and organization of the contests will change.
The most common objectives are:
  • To promote a new product or service during its launch phase.
  • Collect the email addresses of Internet users to organize your future email campaign.
  • Generate traffic on its website.
  • Enrich and qualify your customer database.

Depending on the objective, the questions asked to participants will not be the same.
  • If the winner is chosen by drawing lots it is advisable to have a bailiffm but it is by no means mandatory.
  • A contest is a complex process to implement for the company. If chance is not involved in the designation of the winner(s), the company should establish clear criteria to win.The intervention of a jury is often necessary.

In addition to the very purpose of the contest, the company has set a goal for the contest itself. This can be the number of participants, the number of emails collected, a number of page-views generated by the contest, etc ...
The organization of a contest represents at a cost to the company. A budget must be defined. It is important to think about:
  • the cost of implementation/deployment (creation of a website or integration of the contest into an existing site, for example);
  • the cost of the prizes
  • the cost related to the regulation of the contest (bailiff).
  • other costs (operation check, the jury, etc ...)

The implementation of the competition is done in 4 steps:
  • Creation of the website or integration to an existing site.
  • Collection and validation of entries.
  • Draw or designation of the winner by the jury.
  • Sending of prizes by the company

The company must develop a communication strategy to make the contest known. It must make a marketing campaign for the duration of the contest.
  • Many sites include all contest on the Internet can broadcast the operation of the company.

The company will also need to choose the gifts for the winner or winners. These prizes can:
  • be in line with the company's business;
  • be a product of the company, thereby reducing the cost for the company;
  • be a high-tech product, which will encourage the participation of the greatest number of people.

The organization of a competition may be subjected to specific law (depending on your country). A bailiff may be needed to verify compliance with the regulation.
  • All information about the contest and its organization must appear in the regulations, including the names of the organizers, the key dates, steps to participate and prizes.
  • Concerning the collection of personal information, the use of "opt-in" boxes granting permissions should be available to the users. The user must check this box to allow information to be forwarded to the company.
  • Please note: any irregularities can be severely punished under the Consumer Code of your country.

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