ReadyCache from SanDisk - Optimize the performances of Windows 7

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SanDisk the provider of flash memory storage solutions, announced the availability of ReadyCache, a new solution for SSD Caching to improve the performance of desktop computers running Windows 7.
SSD Caching solutions can "significantly reduce the launch and closure of applications".
  • It combines a 2.5-inch SSD drive of 32 gigabytes (GB), which is located next to a hard disk, and the "ExpressCache" software of Condusiv Technologies. It is available for download on the SanDisk website (see link below) and can be installed on any computer running the Windows 7 operating system.
  • The editor also states that the product is supplied with an installation kit that includes a SATA cable (6Gb/s), a mounting bracket and 3.5-inch screws.
  • SanDisk ReadyCache solution is priced at 49.99€ TTC, and has a three year warranty.