Startupstay: Couch surfing solution for the entrepreneurs!

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Couch surfing is a solution for traveler's accommodation, that has gain in popularity during the recent years. The principle is simple: to promote mutual assistance between travelers and local commuties offering accomodation. This free service has attracted many travelers.
  • Businessmen, too, travel a lot, but until now were not really the target of couch surfing .... An accomotation solution can still meet their needs. The name of this services is called StartupStay, a new platform dedicated exclusively to couch surfing for entrepreneurs. The idea is to create new relationships or offer accommodation to the businessman on the move.
  • The site is currently in beta and available via invitation only. But the concept may attract a large number of new entrepreneurs.
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Jean-François Pillou

Jean-François Pillou - Founder of CCM
Better known as Jeff, Jean-François Pillou is the founder of He is also CEO of CCM Benchmark and digital director at the Figaro Group.

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