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Connect your PSP to your wireless router

The PSP gaming console can be connected wirelessly to the router to access a network. To connect the PSP to a wireless router, both the PSP and the router have to be configured. The router settings can be configured by adding the PSP MAC address to the router. For PSP configuration, changes have to be made in the LAN settings of the PSP. A new router has to be scanned and connected as per the protocols used by the router, such as WEP, etc. Disable the automatic settings on the PSP to connect the PSP to a wireless router successfully.

The PSP can be connected wirelessly to your router. There are some steps to follow to configure the connection between the PSP and the Router
To access the router configuration:
  • Open your browser and type:
  • You will be required to login to the router

Note that not all routers has the same default user name and password...
  • Then you will have to apply your PSP MAC address (On your PSP go to Parameters > System > PSP Information) to your router configuration.

PSP Configuration

  • Go to "Settings" > "LAN Settings" > "Infrastructure Mode" > "New Connection" > "Scan" > *Select the IP address of your router, then, if the WEP key is enabled the router selected and enter the WEP code.
  • You can go to "Custom" > "Automatic" > "Do not use" and disable the Internet browser if you do not surf the internet using your PSP.
    • Note: This does not prevent it connecting to the router.

Test your connection, your PSP is connected to the Livebox.

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