VNC - Remote Assistance

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VNC which means VIRTUAL NETWORK COMPUTING is a software which allows you to do Remote Assistance / Remote Desktop. The other user must have VNC also installed on his machine. VNC is an Open Source software, completely free of use.


  • Run the server
  • A password will be needed from the person who will help you
  • Send him your IP Address to give him access to your machine remotely.
  • When doing so, the other user will have access on your pc! He will navigate your OS and fix the error you got!
  • It is available for a very large number of platforms. In particular, the client may be a simple java applet in a browser!
  • A person running Linux may thus act upon your system though you're running Windows and vice versa.(platform independent )


Via a Website

Several website offers free remote assistance services

VNC - Failed to connect to server-opening ports
VNC - Failed to connect to server-opening ports