Webcam scams / blackmail - What can be done?

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Webcam scams / blackmail - What can be done?


A person exhibits himself before a so-called "girl" (a webcam scammer).
  • The webcam scammer records of the victim, then blackmail him, by asking for money.
  • If the victim does not pay, the scammer post the video on Youtube (or other: Facebook, Dailymotion, etc ...).

Most of the webcam scams are from West Africa, mainly from Côte d'Ivoire and Benin.

What can be done?

  • Avoid contact with the scammer
  • Delete the scammer from your contact list.
  • If the scammer tries to contact you, do not answer him.
  • Do not send cash to the scammer
  • Report video, if posted on Youtube (or other video streaming platform).
  • Avoid showing off in front of a webcam.
  • Protect yourself on social networks.

Short video about web scammers
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