Pink Screen

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Your display turns pink (intermittent or permanent). What you need to look for or repair?
The main causes found on the forums:
  • Screen problem.
  • Issue related cable connecting the graphics card to the screen.
  • Graphics card issue.

Update the graphic card drivers

The first manipulation consist in the update the driver for your graphics card.

Faulty screen

If the problem is due to your screen, test it on another computer. If your computer is a laptop connect it to an external monitor to test it..
The causes may be due to welds defects or improperly connected cables.

Cable issue

Try to move the cables to see if that changes anything, verify that the cables are connected properly and test the other cables.
For a laptop try to open and close the screen (lid) slightly to see if the display changes. If this is the case the cable is defective.

Graphics card issue

Before concluding that your problem is due to a faulty graphics card, try to clean and reconnect it. If it persists test the graphics card on another computer.

Defective motherboard

A faulty motherboard may be responsible for a pink display.
On forums, people advise to lightly tap the screen and the computer case...