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According to professionals of the mobile industry there are over "tens of millions of unused phones in drawers". People tends to change mobile phones regularly without thinking of the possibilities for reuse, recycling or even get money out of the old ones.

Each year, millions of new mobile phones are sold and the amount of unused ones collected back by operators members is insignificant compared to this number. However the past two years, the market trend has changed completely, due to the appearance of smartphones and high-end phones connected to the Internet, which retain a high value even after a year or two of use. So what should you do with your old mobiles.
  •, is an online platform (available for the European countries) that specializes in the recycling of old mobile phones. The concept is simple, old mobiles phones are bought back by the services, repaired and sold to countries like India, China, Africa...etc and phones that can be used again are recycled.
  • "There is now a real market opportunity" says Christian Lefferère Director (Europe) of phone resale website Love2recycle. With each release of a new iPhone, for example, "people sell their old model" before buying the new one, he says, adding that the site may purchase a smartphone up to 400 euros.
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