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Windows & - Access denied on Windows XP network


I have a network composed of 10 Windows XP PCs working as a workgroup.
  • TCP/IP is set to obtain IP address automatically, with 16-port Dlink Ethernet Switch.
  • When I connect a Windows 7 PC to the network, it is displayed in the workgroup, but when I tried to access it (the D:/ drive), the "access denied" error message is displayed.

What can be done?


  • Right click on the D: drive and go to Sharing .
  • click on Advanced Sharing and enable the share this folder box.
  • Then click permissions and tick Full Gontrol Allow For Everyone.
  • Apply all settings.
  • Change the workgroup name with another one, it is up to you.
  • On your Win 7, click on OPEN NETWORK SHARING CENTER, in the left corner click on HOMEGROUP: click on WHAT IS A NETWORK LOCATION: choose HOME NETWORK then close the dialogue box.
  • After a few moments another dialogue box will show up, check all option available (picture, printer, documents.... all) and then click on SAVE.
  • Go to one of your desktop running win XP, click on the drive D of the desktop running Win 7, a dialogue box will appear asking you to enter credentials before getting access to the PC.
  • Those credentiel are the username and the password that are in use on your windows 7.

Thanks to chadguy for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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