Unable to install Windows 8 - Error Code 0x0000005D


I am trying to install Windows 8 build 9200 enterprise on a Pentium 4 PC, but upon boot, I am getting the following error message:
Your PC needs to restart 
Please hold down the power button
Error Code 0x0000005D

Suddenly there is no file upload and I am unable to install it on my PC. What can be the source of the problem?


Unlike Windows Vista and 7, Windows 8 (as from build 8400) is not compatible with all models of the Pentium 4 processor.

This is due to the fact that Windows 8 requires a processor compatible with the following functions: SSE2, PAE and NX bit. All Pentium 4 are compatible with SSE2 and EAP: the problem may come from the NX bit.
  • First, make sure your Pentium 4 model supports the NX bit: for sockets 423 or 478 processors, then it won't work (in most cases).
  • For sockets 775 processors, it can be compatible. If the CPU supports NX-bit, you can install Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit (it depends on the models!).
  • Also make sure that NX bit is not disabled in the BIOS (if present).

Thanks to Big Monstro for this tip.
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