Free Download Manager - browser integration issue

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I have downloaded Free Download Manager and I have noticed that Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox does not integrates the program by default. Are there any settings to make FDM options available via these browsers?


Follow these steps:

Integrating Free Download Manager to Google Chrome:

  • After installing Free Download Manager (FDM) close any running instances of your browsers
  • Open FDM press Ctrl+ O or go to Options > Settings.
  • Go down to the Downloads section > Monitoring
  • Check Google Chrome and click on OK to save changes.

Integrating Free Download Manager with Firefox

  • FDM will pick up downloads from Firefox browser automatically if Firefox was installed after FDM (which is not the case for most users) and provided "Firefox" has been selected or enabled under Monitoring section in FDM settings.
  • So if you installed FDM after Firefox then you need right-click on the download link and select "Copy Link Location" and make sure "Clipboard" is selected under Monitoring along with the "Firefox" option. Or right click on the link and Download with Free Download Manager in Firefox.

Thanks to bionik for this tip.

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