Avast - Obtaining your free license key

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Avast antivirus has to be updated with a license key approximately two months after it is first installed on Microsoft Windows. It is important to obtain and register the new Avast license key to protect the computer from viruses, worms, malware and spyware. Register on the Avast website to update the Avast antivirus with the new license key. On successful Avast license key registration, the new license key is sent on the email account which is provided during registration. It is necessary to obtain and register a new Avast license key to keep Avast antivirus updated for data security and for data protection.

Avast - Obtaining your free license key

Avast is an antivirus application that requires a free registration key to use. This key is valid for two months free use. Here is how to obtain your key:


  • Double-click on the Avast tray icon to open the main interface.
  • Go to "Maintenance" > "Registration"
  • Click on "Insert the License key".
  • Enter the licence key you received by e-mail.
  • Click on OK to register the key.
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