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Create location-based couponing with Facebook Check-in Deals

Facebook Check-in Deals is an application allows business users to manage couponing campaigns on Facebook. Available on the mobile website and as an iPhone app, this new free service allows business to identify themselves next to Facebook, attract new customers and reward their loyalty with attractive commercial offers.

How to set up a campaign ?

To enjoy the Facebook Check-in Deals service, the retailer must ensure that they have already registered his shop, clearly indicating the address on the social network. The shop will be including a "Places" page created automatically upon registration. Once you have created your campaign, guests can take advantage of coupons when they register in your store with the "Places" feature on Facebook (use geotagging features). If a user geolocates in your shop and decided to share it on his network, the name of your store will be visible to all his friends (as a reward for this the user receives a coupon).

Create a Places page for your shop

Locate a "Places" page by typing the name of your shop in the address bar. The Pages pages are easily recognizable, they offer a geographical map to better locate the shop. You can add your shop from the Places application (iPhone) or the mobile version of the social network (http://touch.facebook.com/)

Launching your campaign

Once you are logged in as the owner of the shop, you can begin creating your offer couponing. You can choose between several options, detailed below, to attract and retain your customers. Facebook provides an opportunity for traders to choose between different types of campaign. In this section you will find different types of deals offered by Facebook.
  • Individual Deal: You can create this type of deals when launching a new product or seasonal promotions. The coupon will be valid for the customer who will register individually in your shop with the "Places" feature on Facebook.
  • Friend Deal:Allow you to offer discounts to groups of up to 8 persons.
  • Loyalty Deal: Such deals can be used to reward loyal customers.
  • Charity Deal: This type of deals can trigger a donation to a charity of your choice when a Facebook user registers in your store.


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