Google Now - Powering your Android smartphones

Owners of smartphones running Android Jelly Bean have probably noticed that their operating system had undergone an update and that their phone are autonomously sending push information. Bus schedules, restaurant menus, sports, notes are now being displayed automatically on the screen without your intervention (but at the right moment).

The explanation is called Google Now. This is Google's answer to Apple assistant's Siri. Both systems have been designed to optimize search on mobile devices, yet the two assistants are very different. *Unveiled in June and now in the hands of users, Google Now recognizes voice commands, but relies primarily on user preferences, search history, calendar, e-mails and the geographical position of the user - rather than on queries - to send timely information deemed relevant.
  • And as with any Google product, the more you use the tool the more it becomes more accurate. By combining the capabilities of its search engine, Google Drive, Gmail and Maps mapping application, Google Now can almost predict your thoughts.

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