Facebook Global Pages - A unified dashboard for the management of geotagged pages

April 2018

The popular social network announced a major update for business pages, allowing brands managing geotagged versions of their Facebook page to adjust their campaigns in the country and language of their subscribers via a unified management system.

This new unified management solution for Facebook pages ("Global Pages") is aimed at companies who have created versions of their Facebook pages for the different country where they are operate, or those who target their publications using the geotagging tool of Facebook.

Global and local digital identity

"With this new Global pages, Facebook users will be directed to the most appropriate version of a Facebook page of a business, according to their country of origin, allowing them to view location-specific content, such as profiles photos, applications, and special publications, while remaining in the overall community of brand " says Facebook.

Specifically, this innovation will improve the overall visibility of brands: independently from the version of pages displayed, users will be able to see the number of global amount of "likes" or subscription.

In addition, a single URL can be used by brands as part of their campaigns, the subscribers will the be redirected automatically to the geo-tagged versions of pages.

"Global Pages also facilitates statistical analysis of all the pages through a unified dashboard", says Facebook.

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