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Silex - An open source Flash CMS

SILEX is a open source and free RIA software which can produce Flash websites (Flash Player 7, 8 and 9).


SILEX is a content management system that allows you to "assemble" all multimedia formats on the web but also on CD-R.
  • SILEX is compatible with most of Adobe based or other popular software and alllows you to publish different types of media online or on CD (interactive), while providing an array of features necessary for web publishing: SEO, description of the media, multilingual sites ...
  • Silex is an Open Source project aimed primarily to those wishing to quickly master a powerful tool for web publication.
  • This CMS (Content Management System) is based on ActionScripting, thus anyone familiar with the general principles of Quark X-Press, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop (...) will easily master Silex.

In addition, SILEX is a RIA (Rich Internet Application). This aspect of the software is particularly important: once copied to a server, SILEX is accessible from any computer connected to the web. SILEX requires no installation and is fully compatible with:
  • MAC (10.5)

SILEX brings together the different profiles involved in web publishing.


SILEX users have chosen the tool for:
  • its legitimate integration into the Adobe pack
  • its SEO system
  • its multilingual function
  • its quick and easy grip
  • detailed documentation
  • its community of designers, developers and flashers
  • components and themes
  • lightweight
  • its Flash rendering features
  • and of course not to mentioned that Silex is constantly evolving.
  • Country: France
  • License: GPL
  • Target Audience: graphic designers, webmasters, web designers
  • Number of developers: 2
  • Number of contributors: 3


  • system template themes
  • system components
  • deep linking: Addressing of pages
  • html automatic search engines
  • Flash API
  • Run on CD-ROM by copy/paste
  • SILEX communicates with other open source applications

Links with other projects

  • SILEX connects to many other Open Source/free projects
  • A component for Flash that enables designers to interact with a database without any programming skills: *OFA
  • Statistics and audience measurements websites: PhpMyVisites
  • Monitor traffic: Google Analytics
  • Open source software for version monitoring: SVN
  • Installation kit for Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl :Xampp
  • Open Source and free software that allows you to connect to a remote server for file download: FileZilla
  • Debugger for Flash XRay
  • Author: Alessandro Crugnola sephiroth
  • zend framework
  • TANGO icons
  • A JavaScript file used for embedding Adobe Flash content: SWFObject


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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