Excel - Comparing two cells from different spreadsheets

Consider the following situation:
Spreadsheet A

Name Expenses Date Project 
John 10 23/10/2011 (Get data from Spreadsheet B)
Mark 50 12/5/2011 (Get data from Spreadsheet B)
Patricia 34 4/11/2011 (Get data from Spreadsheet B)
Anthony 88 19/3/2011 (Get data from Spreadsheet B)
Mark 20 5/7/2011 (Get data from Spreadsheet B)

Spreadsheet B

Name Project Date 
Mark Painting 12/5/2011
Anthony Singing 19/3/2011
Patricia Teaching 4/11/2011
Mark Reading 5/7/2011
John Painting 23/10/2011

What I need is to get the name of the project from Spreadsheet B (sheet1) and add to the column PROJECT in Spreadsheet A (sheet1). How to automate this process? Try this
Sample Call :

A2= Cell in which name is found
C2= cell in which date is found
Sheet1: name where the information about project is present
Option Explicit
Public Function projectLookup(nameCell As Range, dateCell As Range) As String
Dim sourceSheet As String
Dim nameRow As Long
Dim maxRows As Long
sourceSheet = "Sheet1"
projectLookup = vbNullString
With Sheets(sourceSheet)
maxRows = getItemLocation("*", .Cells)
If maxRows = 0 Then Exit Function
nameRow = 1
nameRow = getItemLocation(nameCell.Value, .Range(.Cells(nameRow, "A"), .Cells(maxRows, "A")), bLastOccurance:=False)
If (nameRow > 0) Then
If (.Cells(nameRow, "C") = dateCell) Then
projectLookup = .Cells(nameRow, "B")
nameRow = 0
ElseIf (nameRow = maxRows) Then
nameRow = 0
nameRow = nameRow + 1
End If
End If
Loop While (nameRow <> 0)
End With
End Function
Public Function getItemLocation(sLookFor As String, _
rngSearch As Range, _
Optional bFullString As Boolean = True, _
Optional bLastOccurance As Boolean = True, _
Optional bFindRow As Boolean = True) As Long
'find the first/last row/column within a range for a specific string
Dim Cell As Range
Dim iLookAt As Integer
Dim iSearchDir As Integer
Dim iSearchOdr As Integer
If (bFullString) _
iLookAt = xlWhole
iLookAt = xlPart
End If
If (bLastOccurance) _
iSearchDir = xlPrevious
iSearchDir = xlNext
End If
If Not (bFindRow) _
iSearchOdr = xlByColumns
iSearchOdr = xlByRows
End If
With rngSearch
If (bLastOccurance) _
Set Cell = .Find(sLookFor, .Cells(1, 1), xlValues, iLookAt, iSearchOdr, iSearchDir)
Set Cell = .Find(sLookFor, .Cells(.Rows.Count, .Columns.Count), xlValues, iLookAt, iSearchOdr, iSearchDir)
End If
End With
If Cell Is Nothing Then
getItemLocation = 0
ElseIf Not (bFindRow) _
getItemLocation = Cell.Column
getItemLocation = Cell.Row
End If
Set Cell = Nothing
End Function

Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip.

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