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Since its launch, Slideshare has become a professional networking and communication tool essential for companies and freelancers. Whether you use Slideshare to promote your personal or professional image, enhance your expertise, or perform B2B prospecting, the platform provides a range of powerful tools to assist you. Here are some tips to get the most out of Slideshare and its related services, and strengthen the impact of your presentations on the platform.

Optimize your slides

Slideshare is a tool for disseminating documents (teaching/learning/training or business., which focuses on visual presentations (metaphorical images, icons, arrows, explanatory tables, etc.) with links and a logical progression.

For these reasons:
  • PowerPoint slides must adapt to this constraint ( favor the use of graphics over text).
  • The slides must be optimized for playback on blogs / websites.
  • Don't overload the slides with irrelevant text information (summarize all sources on the last slide).
  • According to a study made my the marketing agency Huspot, the longest presentations are also the most views (between 40 and 60 slides). The length depends on the type of content.
  • Include "visual metaphors" (meaningful photos/graphics between slides to support arguments/conclusion)

Choosing the title of the presentation, add tags and descriptions

To be properly indexed by the search engine of Slideshare, you must choose an appropriate title for your slide, add tags and a description. The choice of keywords is especially important for the visibility of the document on the platform (and Google).
  • To help you choose the right keywords, you can rely on search trends from Google Trends.

Add links to presentations

  • Slideshare has a high Page Rank on Google. It is therefore recommended to add links to presentations, to improve the SEO of your blog, corporate or e-commerce website.
  • As all the presentations are "signed" by the author, Slideshare will help to promote your digital identity (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page).

Using the paid service - LEADshare for B2B prospection

  • Slideshare allows you to subscribe to a paid service called "LEADshare": this module generates a contact form for each download (slides, video, presentation) made within your campaign (from SlideShare or blog/website). *LEADshare can be used to collect specific contact details,it also offers a tool to analyze campaign performance, and provide synchronization with Salesforce CRM. Campaigns can be targeted to a particular country.

Publish excerpts from editorial content

If you edit digital content (e.g e-books based on a specific theme), you can use Slideshare to publish excerpts from your editorial contet and increase the traffic to your download page.

Using Slideshare applications and widgets

You can import your presentations on your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, to improve their visibility to your contacts:

Similarly, Slideshare offers several types of free widgets to integrate your presentations to your blog/website, or link to them:
  • Presentation Pack: create a "play-list" of your presentations. The titles of the slides are displayed in a list on the right of the main slide.
  • Mini Badges These badges of various sizes can link to your Slideshare profile to your website/blog.
  • Blog Widget Sidebar: allows you to integrate a sidebar on a website that displays the presentations in a reduced format.

Launching a dedicated channel

The launch of a dedicated channel requires a Gold or Platinum subscription Slideshare and allows companies to create a "mini-website" with a meaningful URL (the brand name) on the platform to present their activities , coordinates and slides.

Adding audio to slides

Another way to boost your Slideshare presentations is to add an audio track to them (eg comments), thus creating a "slidecast" (slide + podcast). This involves:
  • Saving a file in the MP3 format on your computer
  • Pre-synchronize the sound with the order of the slides
  • Upload the presentation.

Create a virtual conference with Zipcast

To communicate around the creation of a slide or for any type of collaborative tasks, you can use the Zipcast service. It allows you to create video or chat sessions with public or private access
  • Zipcast offers the ability to invite your Twitter and Facebook contacts, knowing that the number of participants is unlimited.


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