Outlook - Creating a task

April 2018

Outlook gives you the opportunity to merge multiple lists into one, create reminders and track task progress. Tasks are closely related to the calendar feature of Outlook

Creating a task

There are many ways to create a task in Outlook.

Using the New Items button

  • Go to the Home Tab > New section> click New Items > Task or press (alternatively you can use Ctrl + Shift + K).
  • In the Subject field, type a name for the task. You can add more details in the body field.
  • Go to the Tasks tab > Action > Click Save & Close.

From the taskbar

  • The taskbar is displayed by default in all views of Outlook. To create a task, do one of the following:
  • Enter the task name in the empty field and press Enter.
  • Double click on the new entry to edit it:

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