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Facebook EdgeRank: increasing the visibility of your publications

How to effectively promote events on a Facebook page? The EdgeRank, the algorithm that determines the status display in the newsfeed allows companies on the social network to set the right course of action. It is defined by several criteria which will determine how to implement and prevent your events. A small introduction to EdgeRank and how to increase the visibility of publications of a Facebook page.
"EdgeRank" is the algorithm that determines the visibility of Facebook status (shared the news feed of a Facebook user).
For brands managing a promotional Facebook page, it is essential that the shared content (links, photos, videos, questions, events) appear in the news feed of a maximum number of members, in order to:
  • Generate the maximum interaction allowing potential fans (friends of friends) to see on their wall, publications with which their friends have interacted with (comments/likes).
  • And thus attract new fans.

According to Facebook, the maximum "natural" scope for shared publications is limited to 16% of subscribers to a Facebook page. Theoretically, only a minority of subscribers of a Facebook page will see updates from the latter.
However, this data is variable: status display rate depends heavily on the rate of commitment of fans (how often they interact with the publications: likes, shares, comments). A page that generate many interactions can therefore significantly increase the scope of the shared content.
The EdgeRank is determined by three main criteria:
  • The affinity: a fan who "like", commented or shared publications several times a week, has an "affinity score" higher than a member who interacts randomly with the page. The first type of subscriber will therefore see more updates in the news feed than the second one.
  • The relative weight of the "content types" and "interactions": by default, a rich publication (photo, video) has a higher EdgeRank than a simple status (text only) and will therefore be more likely to be shared.
  • Recent publication: a recent publication has a higher EdgeRank than the old ones publication.

It is possible to draw several conclusions to increase the scope of your Facebook publications, and ultimately attract new fans:
  • It is essential that publications raise the maximum amount interaction (commitment)
  • It is important to prioritize publications in order of importance: preferring the videos and photos.
  • All types of interactions are not equal
  • It is necessary to publish at the right time to reach the widest audience possible.

Two key indicators to be monitored via the statistical analysis module of its Facebook page:
  • People Talking About This : The subscribers who liked, comment, share, answer a question or participate to an event. By default, this statistic covers the last 7 days.
  • The full scope: total number of people who have seen the content associated with the Facebook page (also the last 7 days by default)

Note, it is possible to refine the results to retrieve qualitative information (e.g demographics).
  • Publish regularly: once or twice a day, including weekends (preferably Saturday).
  • Prefer short texts: 100 to 250 characters.
  • Get the right timing for your publication. It is advisable to test at what times of the day publications have the most impact.
  • Focus on visual content: photo albums, photos, and videos.
  • Carefully choose the photos, they must remain consistent with the thematic universe of the brand.
  • Seek the opinions of the community through publications

The above recommendations are taken from several infographics
Another simple action can help to increase the range of publications is to encourage subscribers to add your page to their list of interests, as shown below.

Finally, some tools, like the EdgeRank Checker, allows administrators to check the compatibility of their Facebook page with the EdgeRank criteria and thus provides suggestions for improving the level of commitment around your publications.

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