RaidCall - Introduction and first use


RaidCall us a free and lightweight VoIP solution that allows you to set up and intiate group communications (audio and IM). It is perfect for people who play online games or who need to transmit information within a specific group.

Among the other interesting features of RaidCall:

  • High definition audio communication.
  • Instant messaging service.
  • Integration with Facebook and Youtube.
  • Audio recoder.
  • Low latency.
  • Easy to implement.

Creating your RaidCall account

The first step is to signup to RaidCall:
Fill in the fields with the appropriate information and click on "Create my Account".
On the next page you shall be offered to download the application. Click on the download button and install:

Launching RaidCall

Once installed, double click on RaidCall.exe to launch the program.
Sign-up using the Username and Password previously defined (when creating your account).
From there you can either create your own group or join an existing online community.

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