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Windows 8.1 - Disable the password protection on wakeup

Each time Windows 8.1 resumes from sleep/standby mode, you are prompted to enter your password to access your current session. This protection mechanism can be disabled, through simple procedures:

Method 1

  • First open the Control Panel (Windows key + X > Control Panel)
  • Go to Power Options > Click on the "Require password on wakeup" link.
  • You shall be prompted to enter the password for the current user account
  • In the section named "Password protection on wakeup", select "Don't require a password".

Method 2

  • From the Start Screen, open the Charms Bar (Windows key + C):
  • Go to Settings > Change PC settings.
  • Go to Accounts > Sign-in Options.
  • In the "Password Policy" section, click on the "Change" button to get "Password is not required when waking this PC from Sleep"

Original document published by Carlos-vialfa.

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