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I have been using uTorrent for a few months and it worked very well. But now the program won't download anymore, the green taskbar icon has turned yellow: "No connection". I have tried to re-install the program, but it won't work. What can be done?


To find out which port is being used by uTorrent, go to the "Options" menu > "Preferences" > "Connections."
To open this port:
1) (if you already know your IP, go to step 2)
Open a command prompt (windows key + R, then type cmd & confirm with Enter).
2) Type in "ipconfig" (without the quotes) and check your "IPV4" address.
3) Go into your browser, type in your address bar. The user name is "admin" and password is "password".
4) Go to the "Advanced" tab and then "Redirection" section.
5) In the "Local IP" field, enter the one you retrieved in step 1
6) For Start and End port, enter the port number used by uTorrent.
7) In Protocol, select "both"
8) Do not forget to select "ON".
9) That's it!

Thanks to ANT97 for this tip.

In case of problems with this tutorial, you will help this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXKIizgjltc
and do not hesitate to ask questions.

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