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Troubleshoot Windows update installation issues

Window Update is failing to install updates. Try to:
  • Restart the PC and try again to install the updates again.
  • Try installing one update at a time.
  • Do not update other software at the same time (like your Anti-virus ...).
  • Disable your antivirus while installing the update.

This utility tool allows you to automatically diagnose and fix common problems related to Windows OS, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft products.

WinUpdateFix as the name already suggest is a tool to fix Windows Update issue.
  • It allows you to restart the services essential to the operation of Windows Update if they are disabled and reset some parameters.

Download link winupdatefix.
The System Update Readiness Tool can solve the problems relating to Windows Update and Windows Service Packs.
Download and run System Update Readiness Tool from this link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/what-is-the-system-update-readiness-tool
Some infections will block Windows Update to take advantage of loopholes left behind.
  • Open your antivirus software and launch a scan.
  • Scan for malwares with MalwareByte Anti Malware.

Your computer is not working properly after update!
Try to restore Windows to an earlier point in time (by default Windows will automatically create a restore point before major updates):
  • Click on Start > Type "System Restore" in the Search field.
  • Click on the System Restore icon.
  • Choose your restore point and follow the on-screen instructions.

Open the Windows Update folder.
  • Click on Start, type "Windows Update" in the "Search" field, and click on the Windows update icon.
  • Click View update history.
  • Click on the "Troubleshoot problems with installing updates" link.

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