How to make a video capture of your screen?

April 2018

It is possible to make a video of what is happening on your screen, to demonstrate how a software works, make presentations or tutorials.
Some free software: CamStudio, Wink, VLC...

Note that: these programs are not intended for the capture of video streams from webcams or games .
CamStudio allow you to create a video capture in the AVI or SWF format (Flash). Use the version 2.0. (Version 2.1 is not free and is more limited).

Download CamStudio 2.0
Wink allows you to make automatic screenshots based on triggers (on mouse actions or keyboard key or timer). It can also capture mouse movements and audio.
Download Wink.

The videos can be edited before publication:
  • You can add comments, images (PNG supports adjustable transparency), audio commentary, links to websites ..etc
  • Generate videos in the following format SWF (Flash), HTML, EXE, PDF or Postscript.
  • You can navigate through the videos using with navigation buttons.

Examples of projects made with Wink.
Flash videos generated using Wink are more compact than CamStudio. Wink allows you to add video/audio comments and navigation button.
  • When using CamStudio or Wink, it is recommended to make use of the 8-bit output palette. This slightly reduces the image quality, but the video output will be much more compact.
  • Do not capture the entire screen. Define a limited area of ??capture (640x480 for example), or switch to a lower resolution before capturing full screen (640x480 or 800x600).
  • Disable themes and switch to normal mode.
  • Remove the wallpaper.
  • Disable ClearType.
  • This will significantly reduce the size of videos.

Avoid the XP theme and ClearType:

Use standard Windows theme:

Or the standard theme without gradients:

To capture Video with Free Screen To Video you must follow the below steps:
  • Download and install Free Screen To Video
  • Launch the program and configure your "Settings".
  • Click on Start to launch video capture.
  • Press F10 to stop capture.
  • Press F9 to pause.

==Record video screen capture (screencast) with VLC ===

The VLC media player allows you to easily capture a video of your computer's screen.
  • Open VLC
  • Go to the Media> Convert/Save> Capture Device.
  • In the "Capture Mode" menu, select "Desktop".
  • Select the Frame rate and click on Advanced.

  • In the next window, select the destination folder and video profile.

  • Click on Start.
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