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Creating a logo - The Basics!

A logo or logotype, is a unique design, which represents a company, association, institution ... It defines the company, its values and its targeted market/audience.

It consists of two distinct elements: the graphic and language .
Three questions you should ask yourself before getting to the drawing board:

  • In which sector your company/business operates.
  • The target audience (demographics)
  • The values to be transmitted.

Once these answers obtained, you can proceed to the drawing phase:

  • The colours to be used.
  • The dominant forms (curves, graphics ...)
  • The font to be used.

You logo must meet the following criteria:

  • Declined in two versions - both in colour and black/white versions.
  • Can be used on any type of media (paper, letterhead, business card, website ...)
  • Simple and without double meaning

You should avoid:

  • Making a trendy logo.
  • Use too many colours.

To create a logo, you can make use of a software such as:

  • AAA Logo
  • The logo creator
  • Logo design Studio
  • Logo Ease

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