Format with the Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD

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In this tutorial you will learn, to format, enlarge or reduce the size of a partition, especially the system partition (which can't be done using the Windows partition manager).

Warning: Make sure to save your important data on an external drive, as any mishandling may lead to the loss/damage of your data.

Note that:
  • If your system has a dual boot (several OS), formattin the partition might erase the boot loader of one of the installed OS.
  • If you accidentally deleted the bootloader you will need to re-install GRUB.
  • If you have XP: Repair the Windows XP startup.
  • If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7: How to fix Windows Vista/7 startup

Creating the Live CD


From the homescreen:
  • Select your language and select "Try Ubuntu".
  • Once the desktop loaded, go to the "System" tab and then "Administration" > "Gparted partition editor".
  • Right-click on the partition you want to format, and then choose "format to" and select the format.
  • Once you configured all your settings, go to the Edit tab and click on "Apply all operations."