How to disable the SmartScreen on Windows

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Windows 8 integrates a new security feature called the SmartScreen filter, which aims to provide an additional protection layer against the execution or download of malicious software. According to Nadim Kobeissi a computer security expert, it seems that the SmartScreen filter also informs Microsoft about the software downloaded and installed on Windows 8.1. During this process, the data transfer (over HTTPS) between your computer/tablet running Windows 8.1 and Microsoft's servers can be intercepted by hackers.

How to disable the SmartScreen?

During the installation of Windows : click on Customize and disable SmartScreen Filter and Internet Explorer SmartScreen.

You can also disable the Smart Screen via the Control Panel:
  • Go to the Control Panel> System and Security> Action Center.
  • In the Security section scroll down to "Change Windows SmartScreen settings".
  • Select "Don't do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen)".

  • Click on OK.