Powerpoint - Supported audio and video formats

Supported Audio formats

File Format Extension Informations
AIFF audio file .aiff Audio Interchange File Format: This audio format was originally used on Apple computers and Silicon Graphics (SGI). Files in this format tends to be large in size.
AU audio file .au Audio UNIX: This file format is commonly used to create audio files for Unix computers or Web.
MIDI file .mid or .midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface: It is a standard file format for the exchange of information between musical instruments, synthesizers and computers.
MP3 audio file .mp3 MPEG Audio Layer 3: This is an audio file that has been compressed using the MPEG Audio Layer 3 codec.
Windows audio files .wav Wave format: This file format stores audio sounds as sound waves, which means that one minute of sound can occupy 644 KB or 27 MB of storage.
Windows Media Audio file .wma Windows Media Audio: an audio file that has been compressed using the Microsoft Windows Media Audio codec.

Note that: Zune and iPod devices support the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) file format. PowerPoint 2010 supports this file format, provided that the appropriate codec is installed. Apple QuickTime players and ffdshow are examples of codecs used for AAC file format.

Supported Video formats

File format Extension Informations
Adobe Flash Media .swf Flash Video: This file format is commonly used to publish video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player.
Windows Media file .asf Advanced Streaming Format: This file format stores synchronized multimedia data and can be used for streaming audio and video, images, and script commands over a network.
Windows video files .avi Audio Video Interleave: This multimedia file format can store sound and moving pictures in Microsoft RIFF format (Resource Interchange File Format). This is one of the most common formats because the audio or video content compressed using a variety of codecs can be stored as a .Avi file.
Mpgeg .mpg ou .mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group: An evolving set of standards for audio and video compression developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group.
Apple QuickTime .mp4, .mov et .qt Read with Apple QuickTime player.
Windows Media Video file .wmv Windows Media Video: This file format compresses audio and video files using Windows Media Video codec.

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