PowerPoint - Keyboard Shortcuts for your presentation

Easily navigate through your slideshow:

ForPress on
Start a presentation from the beginning F5
Run the next animation or move to next slide S, Enter, Page down, right, left or space
Return to previous animation or slideP, Pg. Up, left, UP ou backspace
Open slide+Enter
Display a black screen or resume slideshowN or,
Display a white screen or resume slideshowB or ;
Pause or resume automatic slideshowS
End slideshowESC or (-)
Clear screen annotations E
Move the next slide, if the next slide is hiddenH
Define new intervalsT
Using predefined time intervals O
Use mouse click to move to the next slide M
Record the narration of the slides and the timingR
Back to first slideHold left and right click down, for a couple of seconds
Show or hide the arrow pointerA or =
Change the pointer - penCtrl+S
Change the pointer - arrowCtrl+F
Change the pointer - eraserCtrl+E
Show or hide the handwritten notesCtrl+M
Hide the pointer and navigation button Ctrl+M
Hide the pointer and navigation button in 15 secondsCtrl+U
Display the dialog box in all slidesCtrl+S
Display windows taskbarCtrl+T
Display context menu Maj+F10
Go to first hyperlink in slideTab
Go to next/last hyperlink in slideMaj+Tab
Follow hyperlinkPress Enter when hyperlink is selected
View a list of available commands in the presentation F1

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