PowerPoint - Add effects to your images

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You can improve your images by adding effects such as shadows, lights, reflections, soft edges, bevels and 3D rotations. You can also add an artistic effect to a picture or change the brightness, contrast or blur settings:
Under Powerpoint:
  • Click on the image you want to edit.
  • Picture tools > Format > Picture stlyes > Picture effect:
  • In the Picture Styles group on the Format tab of Picture Tools, click Picture Effects.
  • The table below describes the available options:

Result Procedure
Add or edit a combination of integrated effectsClick on Preset and then select the desired effect.
Customize the integrated effectClick on Preset > 3D Options, and then adjust the desired settings.
Add or edit a shadow effectClick on Shadow, and then click the desired shade effect.
Customize the shadow effect Click on Shadow > Shadow options > edit your settings.
Add or edit a Reflection effectClick on Reflection, and then click the desired reflection effect
Customize the Reflection effectClick on Reflection > Reflection options > edit your settings.
Add a Glow effectClick on Glow, and then click the desired shade effect..
Add a the Glow effectClick on More Glow colors
Customize the Glow effectClick on Glow > Glow options > edit your settings.
Softened the image edgesClick on Picture effects > Soft edges > select your settings.
Customize the Soft Edges effect Click on Picture effects > Soft edges > Soft edges Options.
Edit your bordersClick on Picture effects > borders > select your settings.
Customize borders effectClick on Picture effects > borders > 3D-options.
Add a 3D-rotation effectClick on 3D Rotation and then click the desired rotation.
Customize the 3D -rotation effectClick on Picture effects > 3D-rotation > 3D-options options.

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