PowerPoint - Add effects to your images

April 2018

You can improve your images by adding effects such as shadows, lights, reflections, soft edges, bevels and 3D rotations. You can also add an artistic effect to a picture or change the brightness, contrast or blur settings:
Under Powerpoint:
  • Click on the image you want to edit.
  • Picture tools > Format > Picture stlyes > Picture effect:
  • In the Picture Styles group on the Format tab of Picture Tools, click Picture Effects.
  • The table below describes the available options:

Result Procedure
Add or edit a combination of integrated effectsClick on Preset and then select the desired effect.
Customize the integrated effectClick on Preset > 3D Options, and then adjust the desired settings.
Add or edit a shadow effectClick on Shadow, and then click the desired shade effect.
Customize the shadow effect Click on Shadow > Shadow options > edit your settings.
Add or edit a Reflection effectClick on Reflection, and then click the desired reflection effect
Customize the Reflection effectClick on Reflection > Reflection options > edit your settings.
Add a Glow effectClick on Glow, and then click the desired shade effect..
Add a the Glow effectClick on More Glow colors
Customize the Glow effectClick on Glow > Glow options > edit your settings.
Softened the image edgesClick on Picture effects > Soft edges > select your settings.
Customize the Soft Edges effect Click on Picture effects > Soft edges > Soft edges Options.
Edit your bordersClick on Picture effects > borders > select your settings.
Customize borders effectClick on Picture effects > borders > 3D-options.
Add a 3D-rotation effectClick on 3D Rotation and then click the desired rotation.
Customize the 3D -rotation effectClick on Picture effects > 3D-rotation > 3D-options options.

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