PowerPoint - Adding content to your slides

After choosing your template under Powerpoint, you are ready to add text, shapes, images, animations (and other slides) to your presentation.
The first slide that automatically appears when you open PowerPoint has 2 fields: The first on is formatted for a title and the other is formatted for a subtitle. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 also provides other types of templates, such as those designed to accommodate pictures and Smart-Art graphics.

  • Click in the field enter your text.

  • Upon typing your text, you will notice the opening of the Drawing Tools tab. From this tab you can access all the formatting options for your text.

  • You can add a shape to your slide PowerPoint 2010 or combine several ones to create a drawing or a more complex shape. You have the following shapes: lines, basic geometric shapes, arrows, equation shapes, flowchart shapes, stars, banners, and callouts.
  • You can add any text formatting, bullets, numbers, and Quick Styles.

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