Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner - Scan your PC on the fly

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BitDefender the security software solutions provider has launched a "60-Second Virus Scanner," a free desktop application that enables the fast scan of PC in search of malware that can infect your system.

"60-Second Virus Scanner" based on the cloud analysis technology and allows the quick diagnosis of your PC. The objective: "report active threats and verify that the antivirus software installed on the PC of a user keeps the system safe from attacks," says BitDefender.

The application runs under Windows 8 (XP, Vista and 7) and the scan is automatically performed as a background process.
  • Double-click on "60Second.exe" to start download.
  • The installation wizard will automatically open, once the download is completed, click on "Agree and Install"
  • Once installed, click on the Scan button:
  • Wait for the Scan process to be completed:

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