Installing an NX client on a USB

April 2018

NX is a great when it comes to have remote access to your machine:
The user interface is performant and it provide secure communications (with ssh).

However, the NX client must be installed each time and having it installed on a USB key will save much time.

Here is how to proceed:
  • Download the NX client for Windows on the NoMachine website.
  • Install it normally.

Create an empty directory (eg NxPortable).
In this folder, create the file start_nx.bat containing:

@echo off
echo Launch NX client...
App\nxclient.exe %*
echo Nettoyage...
reg delete /f /va "HKCU\Software\Cygnus Solutions"
reg delete /f /va "HKLM\Software\Cygnus Solutions"
echo Finish.
  • In this same directory, create two subdirectories: app and data
  • Copy the NX client files from the C:\Program Files\NX Client for Windows to the app directory.
  • You should get this:

NxPortable\data\ (directory)
NxPortable\app\nxclient.exe (and the other files of the client NX in NxPortable\app\)
  • Now you just put it on your USB drive and run start_nx.bat

Instead of writing in the directory of the user profile,it will write in the subdirectory \data
A DOS window will remain open all the time the NX client is still open.
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